Information on Math Retrieval and Retrieval Evaluation

Mathematical Information Retrieval (MIR) surveys

Existing math-aware search engines and prototypes

  • NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions (search engine by Bruce Miller and Abdou Youssef)
  • MIaS, WebMIaS (Petr Sojka, Martin Liska et al., Masaryk University (Czech Repulic))
  • MathWebSearch (with template editor) and zbMath search engine (for Zentralblatt MATH) (M. Kohlhase et al., Jacobs University Bremen (Germany))
  • EgoMath (Jozef Misutka and Leo Galambos, Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic))
  • WikiMirs (Xiaoyan Lin et al., Peking University, China)
  • MASE: A Math-aware Search Engine (Tam T. Nguyen et al., Nanyang Technical University, Singapore)
  • MathCat: (Akiko Aizawa, Goran Topic, Giovanni Yoko Kristianto, et al., National Institute of Informatics, Japan)
  • Symbolab (commercial application)
  • WolframAlpha (Note: LaTeX queries accepted)
  • Springer LaTeX Search (Beta)
  • Tangent (v1 (2013)), dprl, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA


CICM (Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics) is an annual conference that includes tracks on Mathematical Knowledge Management (MKM) and Digital Mathematical Libraries (DML).

In recent years papers on Mathematical Information Retrieval have also appeared in ACM SIGIR, ACM CIKM and the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL).

Test collections and evaluation for Information Retrieval (IR)

Previous Math Tasks at NTCIR

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NTCIR-10 (2013)

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