Where can I find the instructions and templates for NTCIR-10 proceedings?

How can I submit my results?

  • Please send all your submissions to : ntcir10adm-math (at) nii.ac.jp

Some formulae in the queries cannot be displayed by FireFox

  • NTCIR-Math queries follow a standard MathML notation except for the ‘qvar’ tag that is specifically introduced to represent “wildcards (query variables).”
  • If you remove qvar tag, the queries can be displayed by FireFox.
  • “topics.pdf” is provided by Miachel for human readability.

Can we have any feedback for early submissions on December 21?

  • Due to time and resource limitation, we are unable to return a feedback for early submissions. (In our relevance judgment process, all the submissions are first collected and then merged into a single assessment list.)

Is there any limitation about the number of returned results for a query?

  • Yes. In NTCIR-10 Math IR Task, the number of results for one query is up to 100.

What is ‘runtag’?

  • “runtag” is a unique identifier for each run. (i.e., <your_GroupID>_<run_ID>).

What is ‘run’?

  • A run is your system outcome for a given approach. In general, you can imagine a run as the outcome of a specific variant of your system testing a specific hypothesis.
  • In NTCIR-10 Math IR Task, each group can submit up to 4 runs.